Proprietà Sperino

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    Proprietà Sperino was originally established in the 19th century by an ophthalmologist and military doctor with a passion for winemaking. His son, Felice, took up the reins and contributed considerable research in the battle against phylloxera. The estate was passed to the De Marchi family and after some abandon, was revived in 1999 by Paolo de Marchi and his son Luca. The Nebbiolo grape reigns supreme here in this woodsy district of Alto-Piedmont. It is grown without herbicides or chemical fertilizers. The grapes are hand-harvested, hand-sorted, and fermented in broad, open wooden casks. The result are wines that uniquely express the Nebbiolo grape, for which Piedmont is famed.
    2 products
    Rosa del Rosa
    12 x 750mL
    Lessona 1500mL
    6 x 1500mL