We are a small family run cellar, composed by 18 hectares of land and 8 people, 3 of which are
family: Giovanni and Silvano (7thgeneration), and Luca (8th). We are based in the village of Neive, in the Serraboella hill, one of the most famous crus of
Neive-Barbaresco, known for long lasting wines and its vibrant complexity results of an ancient
calcareous soil far from the river Tanaro and with higher altitude. Purchased in 1796, the production of wine started few years later, but only in 1893 Giuseppe Elia
started the bottling of Barbaresco del Bricco di Neive, thanks to the guidance of Domizio Cavazza, known as “the father” of Barbaresco. We now focus only on autochthons varieties and we work with traditional method of
fermentation and ageing. Focusing on soil expression and micro-plot even in the same cru, our objective is to transmit the uniqueness of our soil and Nebbiolo through our centennial understanding and experience. Our Barbaresco Sorì Paitin Vecchie Vigne is the synthesis and
the projection of our philosophy.

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