Domaine du Pélican

As a lot of great ideas tend to come to life, Domaine du Pelican began with a bottle of wine at the dinner table. Tasting wine blind at a restaurant in Paris, Guillaume d'Angerville instructed the sommelier to bring anything outside of Burgundy. Upon tasting it he told the sommelier that he had forgotten the rule and that it was from Burgundy. Proven wrong and very much to his surprise, it was a bottle of Tissot's Chardonnay Arbois Les Bruyeres 2005. This wine left such an imprint on Guillaume that it inspired him to create a new domaine in the Jura. Now at just under 15 hectares and roughly the same size as Domaine d'Angerville, the estate is made up of vineyards formerly owned by Jacques Puffeney, Jean-Marc Brignot and Francois de Chavanes. It is the Marquis's first venture outside of Burgundy.

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    Arbois Poulsard
    Domaine du Pelican
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