In 2013, after just having retired from Maison Louis Jadot after 42 years of winemaking, Jacques Lardiere strolled in Oregon with Thibault Gagey - getting a read on the famed Resonance Vineyard. They immediately felt a deep connection with the place, and after tasting through dozens of wines made with the vineyard’s fruit, Jacques sat back and said, “Perfect.” Pierre-Henry Gagey, the President of Maison Louis Jadot and Thibault’s father, agreed. They decided to keep the vineyard’s title, and they also named their new winery—Maison Louis Jadot’s first outside of Burgundy—in its honor. With the same meaning in English and French, Résonance evokes many great things to come. They added the tiny but all-important accent mark to represent this small but special connection between Oregon and France.

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    Willamette Chardonnay