Dehours & Fils

Jérôme’s 14.5 hectares are split between the villages of Mareuil-la-Port, Oeuilly, Cerseuil and Troissy, in this quiet corner of the Marne. Dehours was founded by Jérôme’s grandfather Ludovic in 1930. It was Jérôme’s father Robert who developed the estate and began a new activity of trading in grapes. Jérôme knew that he wanted to be a grower, studying first in Beaune and then at the viticultural school in Avize. Jérôme Dehours works 42 different vineyards across just 14.5h on the south side of the Marne river. Primarily focusing on Meunier, his wines are beautiful expressions of the varying terroirs found here. The different types of clay and limestone produce delicious bready, savory, and salty Champagnes.

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