Bisol is a name intrinsically associated with the history of Prosecco. The tradition is linked to the Valdobbiadene territory by roots that stretch back to 1542, when the Bisol family first began cultivating grapes. Today, Gianluca Bisol is the acting president and CEO and his brother, Desiderio, holds the position of Chief Enologist and Technical Director. Together they demonstrate a profound passion and respect for the culture of their land. The Bisol family personally cultivates more than 20 vineyards located in the best suited areas of wine production. A jewel in the collection is the vineyard located on the top of the Cartizze hill; the most expensive vineyard for the production of sparkling wine in the world. The search for excellence continues according to rigorous and advanced low-impact principles and guarantees that Bisol wines possess elegance, genuineness and longevity.

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