Ladoix Blanc

France, Burgundy



At last a real winter opened the 2017 season. Cold, yes, but a lack of water made its effects felt throughout the vine growing period. Warmer weather arrived in February, hastening the start of growth on the sleepy plants. The delicate buds finally opened right at the start of April. This period re-opened the wound of the black frost in 2016, still very present in our memories. Our fears were revived with the threat of frost in late April. To our great relief, the Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits vineyards were more or less spared. The vine growth continued, accelerating in May due to the mild temperatures and occasional showers. Flowers opened early and quickly in the second half of May, spreading evenly throughout the vineyard. The ensuing summer was just as clement, with high temperatures and a few rare showers providing water to the thirsty vines. These conditions enabled us to keep fungal disease at bay with targeted treatments. By late July the berries were starting to colour. They matured in late August thanks to some providential rainfall. Harvesting began in very early September. An indulgent vintage after the crazy marathon of 2016. The wines are charming, with tender fruit, and thoroughly enjoyable while young.

There is a whiff of the exotic suffusing the white peach, grapefruit and soft wood nuances. The nicely vibrant medium-bodied flavors possess a seductive mouth feel while exhibiting good persistence on the clean, dry and mildly tangy finale. This too should drink well young.
Ladoix Blanc is available for purchase in increments of 6
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Case format: 6

Appellation: 0

Regulated designation: 0

Length of aging: 0

Bottle Size: 750ml

Closure type: Cork

Varietal: Chardonnay

Style: Dry


Region: France, Burgundy

Colour: White

Vintage: 2017

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