France, Alsace



Fresh ,young , elegant ,well balance
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This wine has a wonderfully intense and lively colour with a nice crystalline metallic sheen over a young, fresh and alert pale green with hints of pale yellow. When rolled in the glass its legs are structured and oily.

Appellation: N/A

Regulated designation: N/A

Length of aging: N/A

Bottle Size: 750ml

Varietal: Pinot Gris

Style: Dry

Body: Full-Bodied White Wine

Region: France, Alsace

Colour: White

Vintage: 2016

Score: N/A

89 WE

Wine Enthusiast

A light touch is conveyed by aromas of honeysuckle, while the off-dry palate is balanced by fresh, citric verve. This wine has a dancing, easygoing nature marked by freshness and lightness in equal measure. Asian food flavors suggest themselves for this super-balanced, playful white.

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