Bellifolli Nero d'Avola

Italy, Sicily



Bellifolli synthesizes the character and the contrasts of Sicily and the Sicilians: the beauty and the moments of folly, the light and the shade, the sea in turmoil and the warm sirocco breeze – all of this which, together, has created an identity which can be seen in one of the marvels of the island, its spectacular Baroque architecture. The vigorous, almost beastly, face recounts the story of Nero d’Avola , one full of intense flavors. A velvety and balanced wine with pleasurable notes of red fruit.
Bellifolli Nero d'Avola is available for purchase in increments of 12
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Case format: 12

Appellation: 0

Regulated designation: 0

Length of aging: 0

Bottle Size: 750ml

Closure type: Cork

Varietal: Sangiovese

Style: Dry

Body: Medium-Bodied Red Wine

Region: Italy, Sicily

Colour: Red

Vintage: 2018

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