Our Team

Todd Halpern

Todd Halpern joined his father, Harold, the founder of Halpern Enterprises, in 1979. A man of many titles — among them father and President Halpern Enterprises — Todd is also vice-chair of the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. In this role, Todd blends his two passions — using everyone’s favourite elixir, wine, as a vessel for making a difference in Canadian health care. He also continues to successfully navigate Halpern Enterprises through the exciting and ever-changing world of Wine.


Colin Halpern

Colin joined Todd and their father, Harold, in 1991 with the mission to expand, grow and strengthen relationships with existing and new top quality producers. Colin, curates, finely tunes, and works with his teams to manage the Halpern portfolio and develop the top producers from far corners of the world. Colin believes Halpern’s customers demand quality, and quality is what he supplies.


Adam Halpern

Exactly sixty years after Harold Halpern began importing wine through the back of his pharmacy on Spadina Avenue, his grandson Adam Halpern proudly joined the family company alongside his father and uncle. Having graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2015 with aspirations of investment banking, a game time decision in realizing where his passions truly lay led him back to the family business. Having been raised with the finest winemakers around the kitchen table, and access to the world’s most revered and classic wines, Adam’s palate was honed at a far younger age than most. Now in the role of assisting his father and uncle with company operations, the ardent athlete and Burgundy fanatic oversees sales, logistics, and allocations.


Sheila Flaherty

With her entertaining and accessible approach to wine, the former Mercatto Wine Director and Momofuku Sommelier has created a deliciously wine-centric career for herself. Taking a headlong leap into the culture, she said good-bye to restaurants to head up sales and marketing for Niagara winery, Pearl Morissette. Following that she spent time selling for Norman Hardie in Prince Edward County. In January 2014, she took the role of brand ambassador for the iconic Maison Louis Jadot. Today, along with Jadot, she manages over a dozen of the wine world’s most revered estates for Halpern Enterprises, and has become one of Toronto’s leading authorities on Burgundy wines.

Sheila’s pick: Louis Jadot 2013 Meursault 1er Cru Les Perrieres Twomey 2012 Merlot


Chris Faubert

Chocolate and wine are a great pairing and Chris certainly thought so when, in 2011, he made the leap from Lindt chocolates to the world of Wine and Spirits as the Ontario Sales Manager at Kirkwood Diamond Canada. Joining Halpern in October 2016 as Sales Director Chris now heads the Direct Sales and Retail Sales Teams. While already well acquainted with wine, in the fall of 2017 he completed his Level 3 WSET Wine & Spirits Education. Outside of work, cooking, cycling and kayaking, his two young kids keep him busy.

Chris’s pick: Chateau Lassegue 2009


Paul Koster

Born in and raised in the hotel business, Paul’s travels have taken him round the globe, but it was a BSc in Hotel Restaurant Management from the Conrad N. Hilton College at the University of Houston that helped direct his career. Joining Halpern as a Sales Representative in 2009, thanks to George Brown’s CAPS program, he is now a Certified Sommelier with both CAPS and the Court of Master Sommeliers. His deep love of wine he puts down to having a Luxemburg-born father who, almost every night, enjoyed the Old World ritual of a glass wine with dinner. Currently a Brand Ambassador for 16+ wineries, and a salesman for Licensee and Private customers, everyday he gets to talk about wine. What’s not to love?


Jess Koncz

After turns as a CPGA Golf professional, and a decade in the rock concert business, Jess found himself in the fine dining trade. Working with Chef Mark McEwan for over a decade inspired an interest in high calibre wines, and in 2011 he became a certified sommelier. During his 9 years tenure at Toronto’s vaunted Hazelton Hotel, he took note of their culture of cultivating the finest possible guest experience and went on to shape his own practise around it. It’s this intimate, well-curated, and altogether personalized experience he looks forward to bringing to his clients’ wine collections.

Jess’s pick: Cliff Lede 2014 Stags Leap Cabernet Sauvignon


Scott Leinster

A Sommelier certified through the Wine and Spirits Education Trust, Scott has a refined and utterly polished knowledge of all the world’s fine wine, and spirits. Having worked as a Sommelier at one of the most prestigious restaurants in Canada, Scott excels at what he does best: introducing fine wine to his clients. As a consultant, he has helped shape private cellars, as well as perform wine tastings in individual and group settings.

Scott’s pick: Prunotto 2014 Nebbiolo


Julia Tingarov

A Chemical Engineer by training, prior to becoming a Sommelier, Julia owned a catering business, headed a radio show, traveled extensively, and worked in many of Toronto’s fine dining establishments. In 1996 she was accepted and graduated with honours from the coveted Jacques Marie Sommelier Program at George Brown College. Since her appointment to Sommelier, Julia has worked in, and consulted for, a number of Toronto’s top restaurants. Currently a consulting Sommelier and sales associate with Halpern Enterprises she also sits on the board of the Grand Cru Culinary Wine Festival.

Julia’s pick: Antinori 2016 Bramito del Cervo Chardonnay


Claire Burton

In her 11 plus years with Halpern, Claire been surrounded by premium spirits, the world’s most iconic wines, as well as the collective passion of the Halpern team all of whom share her professional obsession for wine and its culture. Currently Sales Associate and Brand Manager of spirits at Halpern, as well as self-educating her tastes towards a high level of discernment, she has also formalized her wine knowledge 
by studying at the Sommelier Guild.


Martin Lerman

Martin started to collect and learn about wines in University and still has the passion to keep on going… As a complement to his own education, Martin also enjoys sharing his knowledge with others – friends, associates, his client base. Over his 25 plus years in sales and supply management Martin has gained experience galore and both enterprise and private clients have benefited from his guidance. While working in one of the world’s most appealing of industries, Martin’s dedication to addressing his clients’ needs is always a top priority. As for personal service: to Martin the customer is always King.

Martin’s pick: Jadot Bourgogne Chardonnay


Joel Rosenthal

Joel’s love of wine started over 20 years ago when, as founder and partner of a Toronto Restaurant, he found himself having to sample, rate, and no doubt enjoy, the contents of its offerings. All this sipping inspiring him to learn more about wine and its process. Today his education has included Level 1 and 2 WSET courses as well as a sensory master class. He has also attended Robert Parker's Matter Of Taste event in Napa and participated in numerous tastings and master classes on California wines. In sales at Halpern, he is always happy to find time during the day (well, maybe after 11AM) for a glass of Grenache from the Rhône region, a Cabernet Sauvignon or Californian Merlot.

Joel’s pick: 2016 Cliff Lede Sauvignon Blanc


Kevin Graham

Kevin was born in St. Marys, Ontario, and majored in Marketing Management at the University of Guelph. It was during his Guelph years that he started to understand wine’s appeal. His travels through Argentina and Chile added to his appreciation, but still wine was a pleasure, not a career. Moving to Toronto in 2008 he pursued opportunities in music and photography before turning to fine dining and ultimately, wine. Kevin joined Halpern in 2014 and began his career by working in retail as an instore sales representative. Today he looks after Halpern’s accounts in 
Southwestern Ontario.

Kevin’s pick: 2010 Charles Cimicky The Bohemian Grenache


James Oatway

A 17 year veteran of Halpern, James started out as a driver, but soon steered his attention to getting educated in the virtues and vagaries of wine. Graduating from Niagara College with C.A.P.S certification, and later the Court of Master Sommeliers degree, James pursued his interests by forming S.O.S.A. (The Southern Ontario Sommelier Association) and also ran an Ontario Wine Review and Competition for three years. Fabulously fluent in the language of wine, James now handles administrative 
duties as well as sales.

James’s pick: Pascal Jolivet 2016 Sancerre Clos du Roy


Joseph Langton

With a distinguished career working alongside creative executives and visionary entrepreneurs, Joseph Langton is the perfect Management and Logistics connoisseur for Halpern Enterprises. After working in Film Production, Hospitality Management, Music Recording and Publishing, as well as the professional tattoo industry, Joseph knows what it takes to keep an innovative team on track. His love of performance and family-first attitude, makes Joseph a perfect pairing with Halpern Enterprises and its prestigious wine portfolio


Sheena Neal

From her first glass of Burgundy in 2001, dutifully and pleasurably sipped while studying abroad in France, to her current role with Halpern, Sheena has spent over 2 decades cultivating her passion for travel, cuisine and fine wines. An industry expert for 17 years, this small town Northern Ontario girl has amassed a souvenir collection of over 2,000 corks from the world’s leading wine regions. A passionate connoisseur of all things elegant, refined, and delicious, she also equally values the simple things in life.

Sheena’s pick: Louis Jadot Bourgogne Pinot Noir


Chris Bodnar

A creative entrepreneur and photographer for a decade, Chris came about his love of wine honestly. A move from Toronto to Prince Edward County to work in a do-it-all sales and production role for Norman Hardie Winery allowed him to greatly expand his vine-to-bottle knowledge while continuing to hone his palate surrounded by the industry's most promising wine makers and somms. Chris now splits his time between Toronto and 'The County' with his son Lachlan, pursuing his WSET diploma while continuing to explore his other loves - spirits, coffee, and travel.


Elizabeth Sinclair