Champagne Mouzon Leroux & Fils

The Mouzon family has been settled in the village of Verzy for six generations. Mouzon Leroux is also the name for their “Grand Cru” of Montagne de Reims. Only 17 of the 319 villages that include Champagne are considered worthy to bear the Grand Cru appellation thanks to a particular climate, soil, subsoil, and exceptional terrain. Located in the southeast of Reims, the village is the most visited destination in Champagne. In the vineyards, biodynamic agriculture is practiced by conviction to ensure the healthiness of the soil. For the younger vines, an animal-led plow is used to prevent soil compaction. During the harvests, the perfectly ripened grapes are hand-picked to ensure the best juice possible.

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    L'Ascendant Champagne
    Mouzon Leroux
    6 x 750mL