Chardonnay Stainless

Canada, Niagara Peninsula Region



WINEMAKER’S NOTES: At 5 months and 2 weeks this wine was a slow fermentation done in low temperatures. We blended the two vineyards together to balance out the structure. The Dim Vineyard grapes had more ripeness as they were picked almost 3 weeks later than the Rancourt Vineyard.

SOMMELIER’S NOTES: I am often intrigued what the colder fermentation temperatures do and the resulting aromas. Pear and banana drop, with a little white peach and licorice on the nose. The palate is dry, but there is a weight to it and hints of sweetness, even though there is barely any analyzed. It’s tomato season here and I would love a gazpacho or calabrese salad with this wine.
Chardonnay Stainless is available for purchase in increments of 12

Case format: 12

Appellation: 0

Regulated designation: 0

Length of aging: 0

Bottle Size: 750ml

Varietal: Chardonnay

Style: Dry

Body: Light-Bodied White Wine

Region: Canada, Niagara Peninsula Region

Colour: White

Vintage: 2018

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