United States, California, Sonoma

Established 1997

Jess Jackson (1930–2011) was already the founder of one of the most successful family-owned wine companies in the United States when he met Pierre Seillan during a visit to France in the 1990s. A true visionary, Jackson’s lengthy career, which spanned more than 30 years, was driven by a passion for producing extraordinary wine from California’s best vineyards. Jackson had longed to create a wine that would be just as good as the world’s best wines and was confident that the terroir in Sonoma County had that potential. A friendship developed between the Jackson family in California and the Seillan family in Bordeaux. When Pierre Seillan visited California in 1997, he too saw the potential and did not hesitate when Jackson asked him to come to Sonoma County to realize this dream together. And so, Vérité was born. Pierre Seillan has spent the past five decades perfecting his micro-cru philosophy to create world-class wines. His passion lies in crafting wines from diverse terroirs, using the same approach to capture the unique expressions of Sonoma County, Bordeaux, and Tuscany in each vintage. Seillan’s career in the wine industry began at Bellevue, his family's estate in Gascony, France, where he learned to grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and several white varieties. Later he focused on Cabernet Franc at Château de Targé in the Loire Valley. Seillan then spent two decades in Bordeaux making wine at several châteaux for Raoul and Jean Quancard. While working across eight different appellations, he quickly discovered the many nuances within various vineyard sites. This became the backbone of his micro-cru philosophy and allowed him to build the elegant and complex architecture of his wines. Pierre Seillan crafts wines in Sonoma County, Bordeaux, and Tuscany. In addition to his work at Vérité, he is vigneron at Château Lassègue in Saint-Émilion and at Arcanum in Tuscany. At Vérité, Seillan is joined by his daughter Hélène, who, under her father’s leadership, has become the assistant winemaker at the estate.