United States, California, Sonoma

Established 2002

Three Sticks Wines is a boutique, family-owned winery founded by Bill Price (William S. Price III). Founded in 2002, the winery is named for Bill’s surfing nickname, “Billy Three Sticks,” which was assigned to him in his youth as a reference to the three Roman numerals that follow his name. As a long-time fan and collector of wines from the Durell Vineyard, Price purchased the property from Ed Durell in 1998, and launched Three Sticks a few years later. In 2004, Don Van Staaveren, the winemaker believed by many to be responsible for putting Chateau St. Jean, and Sonoma wines in the critical limelight throughout the 1990s, joined the team. Three Sticks now produces approximately 4000 cases of small-lot wine from premium vineyard sources in Sonoma. The winery is housed in an industrial area near downtown Sonoma, among a cluster of other artisan wine producers known as the Eighth Street Wineries. In keeping with Van Staaveren’s “no crush” policy, every lot of grapes to come in is treated with utmost care and minimal handling. Van Staaveren insists on keeping every vineyard block separate from the others from the moment they are picked on through fermentation, barrel aging and final blending. Price is the proprietor of Classic Wines, LLC and Price Family Vineyards, LLC—including ownership and management of Sonoma Coast vineyards including Durell, 111 Wilson Vineyard, DuPont Vineyard, One Sky Vineyard and Gap’s Crown Vineyard. Classic Wines also has ownership interests in Kistler Vineyards, Buccella, Three Sticks and LUTUM. Price is also chairman of Kosta Browne Winery and Gary Farrell Winery.