Italy, Tuscany

Established 2001

Tenuta di Biserno is located in Alta Maremma and it borders Bibbona on the North and Bolgheri on the South. The vineyards of Biserno are adjacent to the vineyards of Bolgheri and are in that micro-zone called ‘Bellaria’ and ‘Vigna Lodovico’ (te latter relevant to Biserno). Lodovico wine is a product of these vineyards. “The vineyards of Bibbona and Bolgheri meet each other, reminding me of Saint Emilion and Pomerol,” comments Lodovico. Part of the historically wild landscape of the Maremma has been relatively recently tamed by winemakers. Now vineyards intersperse the wild, rugged terrain. The views from the wonderful hilltop castles, which tower above the region are of dense, lush forests, agricultural land, olive groves and vineyards, which stretch down to the Mediterranean. The Maremma is split into three winemaking regions: Upper, Central and Southern Maremma and Tenuta di Biserno is located in the Upper Maremma. The Upper Maremma is the premium wine district of the whole region, playing host to some of the most famous and celebrated wines of Italy. The Upper Maremma’s vineyards, combining unique terroir with a close proximity to the cooling influence of the sea, is the most awarded viticultural region of Italy.