Italy, Piedmont

Established 1987

With the first five acres of vineyards purchased in 1987 Roberto began a journey to showcase the best terroir and expressions of the region. Now working with more than 52 acres primarily focused in La Morra Roberto is able to continue his work in the vineyards. Known for his attention to detail in the vineyard and his aggressive approach to green harvest, Roberto is able to showcase the La Morra region through concentrated expressions of his vineyards. Roberto removes a large amount of the early bunches to increase the concentration of the remaining clusters. From there he will then cut the individual bunches once more closer to harvest, removing the bottom portion of the cluster to leave the "fist" in tact. In the winery Roberto employs various formats of used oak to age the wine from used Barriques to large Botti. The wines are then left to develop at their own pace