United States, Oregon

Established 2013

Maison Louis Jadot was founded by the Jadot Family in 1859—the same year as the State of Oregon. Nurturing premier and grand cru vineyards in Burgundy, Maison Louis Jadot earned a reputation for world-class wines made in small lots, capturing the attention of Rudy Kopf, an importer for Kobrand Wine & Spirits and the founder of the wine and spirits division of Macy’s department store in New York. In 1945, Rudy made a pilgrimage to visit Maison Louis Jadot, and the long-standing relationship between the Kopf and Jadot Families commenced. Rudy soon began importing Maison Louis Jadot wines to the U.S., and the partnership continued to blossom through shared investments and appreciation for the next four decades. In 1984, Madam Jadot transferred ownership of the historic wine estate to the Kopf Family. The relationship between the Gagey Family and Maison Louis Jadot also goes back to the mid-20th Century, when Louis Auguste Jadot invited a young winemaker named André Gagey to join his team of vintners in 1954. André was bestowed the title of President of Maison Louis Jadot when Louis Auguste Jadot passed away in 1962, and, with winemaking traditions going back generations on both sides of his family, he worked closely with the Jadot and Kopf Families to build Maison Louis Jadot into the world-class global wine brand it is today. In 1992, Pierre-Henry, André’s son, took over the role of President, and he launched the search for Maison Louis Jadot’s first winery in the New World in the early 2000s. As fortune would have it, Pierre-Henry discovered Résonance Vineyard at the exact moment when the next generation of the Gagey Family, Thibault Gagey, was ready to enter the business. Thibault became the Director of Operations of Résonance in 2013.