Italy, Tuscany

"At an average elevation of 480 metres above sea level, Poggio Antico’s vineyards are among the highest in the Brunello region. The lofty altitude, combined with the close proximity of the Tyrrhenian Sea, ensures that there is always a steady breeze – which has a beneficial effect etheir in dry or rainy seasons. Thanks to this unique and blessed spot, Poggio Antico wines are characterised by their elegance.

The soil is rocky and calcerous, which makes for good drainage. Cover crops are used to aid moisture retention, increase biodiversity and regenerate the soil.

The total property comprises 200 hectares, with 33 hectares under vine. Most of these plantings are Sangiovese, the hallmark grape for the Brunello appellation. The vineyards are situated so as to enjoy South/Southwest exposure. All the Poggio Antico vineyards are contained within a single estate, and all of the wine is produced from our own grapes.

The cellar is located at the heart of the property, allowing us to process the grapes quickly and truly produce the best wine that our fantastic site affords.

Low yields, together with hand pruning, harvest and selection, help to guarantee high quality production. A recent conversion to a parcel management system will allow each micro-terroir to truly express its best.

As of 2017, the winery has been managed using organic practices. We are proud to say that we are currently working towards our organic certification and that 2020 will be our first organic harvest."