France, Burgundy

Established 1999

Having studied, lived and worked in Burgundy for several years we got to know many good growers in the region. We decided to join these relations and our devotion to quality in a small selected production of Crus."

Lucien Le Moine produces only Grands and Premiers Crus from Côte d'Or. We try to have the Most Beautiful Crus in each Village, we renew our selection every year, depending of our view of the year. That's why we can have 67 Barrels in 2002, 47 in 2003 and 72 in 2004, the only thing we know is that we'll never produce more than 100 Barrels (30 000 bottles), this is the size of the cellar we bought in Beaune and this is the way for us to be able to do everything "by hand" and "by ourselves".

Our choice of a small size and of doing everything by ourselves allows us to apply in details our technical perception and to adjust and respond to each vintage and each wine.