Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Established 1897

The Art of Distillation Distillation is the process that allows the extraction from and improvement of pomace, grapes and fruit. The distillation of fresh primary products is necessary to obtain pure and elegant distillates with all the scents and tastes of the original vine variety and to prevent the formation of methyl alcohol and avoid the demethylization treatment. Those distilleries which, unlike the Noninos, choose to distil the pomace after a lengthy sealed fermentation, will have to work with a primary product that has undergone degenerative fermentations characterized by bad odours and flavours, with a high concentration of methyl alcohol and will be compelled to use the demethylization column. 100% Distilled with Artisanal Method The “Distillation with Artisanal Method” consists in the “discontinuous” feeding of the steam still that is filled and emptied at each batch, that’s to say any time a part of the pomace, grapes or fruit, is distilled. The operations of filling and emptying the copper boiler are manual. The Distillation with Artisanal Method needs the presence of the master distiller who controls the operations, which allows him a constant relation with the matter. The master distiller controls the quality of the primary product batch by batch, deciding the times and methods related to the distillation and how to carry out, at the right moment, the head and tail cutting, selecting the purest part of the Distillate: the heart. The Nonino Distilleries The Nonino owns 5 Artisanal Distilleries, each with 12 copper batch steam stills, the result of innovation and the incessant researches of Benito Nonino. These stills, in action 24 hours a day, allow the Noninos to distill healthy, perfect pomace, grapes or fruit immediately after fermentation, at the same time as the harvest. Drop by drop The sensorial involvement of the master distiller, together with his knowledge, experience and skill, are extremely precious elements that make the difference to obtain a unique and unrepeatable distillate. A knowledge that, in the Nonino family, is handed down from father to daughter. By extracting drop by drop the organoleptic characteristics of the pomace, the grapes and the fruit used, each heating or distillation becomes an exceptional “unique event”. The rationale The distillation equipment based on continuous industrial equipment is completely automatic, calibrated in advance and involves the constant feeding of raw material through the distillation machinery, without the distiller’s possibility to control it and intervene in the course of distillation. The distillate obtained this way will be neutral, standardized and lacking in character. The industrial continuous distillation plant, besides, always requires the treatment of the de-methyilization column which “radically changes the organoleptic characteristics of Grappa because together with methyl, a great number of esters, acetals and other micro-compounds which pleasantly characterize Grappa itself are removed” (De Rosa/Castagner 1994). Quality obtained This is why the Noninos have chosen to distill the pomace immediately, despite incurring in higher production costs,so that they may ultimately obtain Grappa of supreme quality and purity. The Nonino production cycle is crucial for obtaining perfect quality Grappa.