France, Burgundy

Established 1895

The stony ground, clay-limestone, geologically belongs to the Jurassic, the Kimmeridgian being the most represented stage in Chablis. It is a land of predilection for the Chardonnay, the only grape variety authorized to produce the wines of Controlled Appellation "Chablis". This land is essentially made up of "Exoguira Virgula", tiny comma-shaped oysters present 150 million years ago. Eighty million years later, the saline waters having receded, they began to solidify to form calcareous marls. This is what gives this "Mineral after taste that seems to have been extracted from the bowels of the earth! " The vine grown for wine is a small shrubby vine, from the variety Vitis Vinifera. The vineyard of Chablis is distributed on both sides of the river called "Le Serein". It covers about 4000 hectares of hillsides. The climate is continental, the summers are hot and favorable for the ripeness of the grapes in the sunny coasts, and the harsh winters.