Italy, Other

Established 1946

The main inheritance from Prince Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi is without doubt his philosophy on how Fiorano wines should be made, making them internationally famous for their uniqueness. The dream of being able to employ pioneer techniques of the modern organic methods without being tempted to adopt mass production in disrespect of nature continues on the new Fattoria di Fiorano. The inheritance is not only enclosed in an idea , it is something that lives in our historical vineyard: four rows of Cabernet and four rows of Merlot ,together with a historical Semillon made available by a friend of the family, is just the starting point that gave birth to the myth of Fiorano. Fourteen hectares of vineyards divided by height and variety in order to control the potential differences of the grapes before assembling, done in accordance with Prince Alberico’s own particular method.