France, Burgundy

Established 1991

Having the chance to have beautiful terroirs at our disposal, we have associated a qualitative encépagement as well as a work of the vineyard and the rigorous soil. We have made the choice of advanced viticulture reason: abandonment of chemical weeding since 1995, with tillage (scratching, light hilling, decavaillonnage ...) to control the various weeds that grow in our vineyards and to avoid settlements. The number of treatments and the choice of vine protection products depend mainly on the rainfall of the current year. It usually begins with treatments approved organic viticulture (copper / sulfur) to prevent the onset of different diseases. If the pressure of the latter becomes too great, we choose conventional treatments to reduce the number of passages that would generate the use of organic products to ensure good health of the vine and grapes. Harvesting in green is sometimes necessary to limit yields and have a qualitative harvest. For the same purpose and to fight against wood diseases, we have changed size system since 2013. The grapes are harvested by hand and meticulously sorted on their feet by the pickers and then sorted on the table to ensure the quality of the wine whatever the vintage.