France, Burgundy

Established 1869

Since 1869, two families, a single wine Jacques-Marie Duvault (1789-1874) married Sophie Blochet. Established in Santenay, he is at the same time owner harvester and wine merchant and General Councilor of the Côte d'Or. Renowned for his work in oenology, it is one of the most remarkable figures of Burgundy. The dream of his life: in 1869, at the age of 79, he acquired the Romanée-Conti. On his death, the vineyard, like the rest of the vast estate that he has formed, remains a family, divided by halves but undivided between his daughters Claudine-Constance Massin and Henriette Dupuis. Having become a widow (1883), Claudine-Constance gives this share to her daughter Gabrielle Chambon who gives it to her aunt Henriette Dupuis (1885). When Henriette died (1887), without a direct heir, the vine passed to her sister and her nieces. It then becomes the property of two descendants: Jacques Chambon (1889-1969) and his sister Marie-Dominique Gaudin of Villaine born Chambon (1883-1915), children of Gabrielle Chambon (1857-1903) and great-grandchildren of Jacques -Marie Duvault-Blochet. The Gaudin family of Villaine remains until nowadays owner of half of the Civil Society of the Domain of Romanée-Conti: successively Edmond (1881-1950), Henri (1909-1998), Aubert, represent the descendant families and co-heirs . They are today children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Henri, husband of Helen Zinoviev, and his brother Jean (1910-1975), husband of Simone-Marie de France. In 1942 Jacques Chambon sells his shares to Henri Leroy (1894-1980), owner and harvester wine to Auxey-Duresses who transmits himself to his daughters Pauline Roch (1929-2009) and Marcelle (Lalou) Bize. The first has three children, Charles (1957-1992), Isabelle and Henry-Frédéric; the second a girl, Perrine Fenal. Under the control of a supervisory board (a representative of each family: Henri de Villaine and Pauline Roch during the years 1990-2000, today Henri de Villaine and Perrine Fenal), the estate is managed by two managing partners: Aubert de Villaine and Lalou Bize-Leroy, from 1974 to 1991, then Aubert de Villaine and Charles Roch, replaced on his death in 1992 by Henry-Frédéric Roch.  After his death in 2018, Henry-Frederic Roch was replaced by his cousin Perrine Fenal.