France, Burgundy

Established 1952

In 1507, a royal officer, secretary of accounts, came to draw up an act of the state of the Volnay estate. Thirty-eight Volnaysiens, called in testimony, described the domain abandoned by the Dukes of the House of Burgundy. The state states that "the King has a third party undivided vines seated Under Roiches these vines are 52 worked, that the total of the vineyards belonging to the King is 275 worked for the principal in Caillerets, Fremiet, Champagnes, 'Abalone and Trimmers'. Under the same names, these wines still produce the most famous wines of Volnay, and the Clos des Ducs, formed of the old vines "Sitting Under Roiches" has an area of ​​2.15 hectares, or 52 worked. The Domaine Marquis d'Angerville today is, almost exactly, that which is described in the state of the royal officer in 1507.