France, Burgundy

Established 1930

The Estate has set its sights on Pinot Noir, the ultimate instrument to reveal the great terroirs ... Between the family and this unique grape, a passion is born. Born in Burgundy, this very old grape is the father of a large number of grapes such as Chardonnay or Gamay. At the origin of the greatest red wines of Burgundy, he is here the King of the grape varieties. Complicated to grow, it likes on clay-limestone soils and the northern continental climate of the Côte de Nuits. Endowed with a remarkable aromatic palette, it is by its delicacy and delicacy that it allows to restore the subtle differences and peculiarities of each Climate, thus expressing the distinctive nuances of the soils. All the wines are different and have their own personality. The estate's approach lies in the unconditional love given to the Burgundy terroirs. It is from this passion that is born the well done work applied to each of the gestures, to each of the actions, to each stage of the elaboration of the wines of the Domain. With this vision, enriched by the experience of 4 generations, the Rousseau family has come to know each terroir, each parcel, each vine in every detail. In Burgundy, the Climats designate each parcel of vine. Identified and delimited by the monks more than a thousand years ago, it is due to the disparity of the exhibitions, the variations of the slopes, the different compositions of the calcareous soils and the climatic conditions of the vintage that each Climate is unique. The estate's mission is to transcribe the most aromatic palette of wines: the soul of each climate.