France, Bordeaux

Established 2003

The picturesque road that winds from the bottom of Saint-Émilion towards Saint Étienne-de-Lisse passes by a beautiful 17th-century “Chartreuse” (Château), about 1.5 miles from Saint-Émilion along the Côte de Pavie, hidden behind a few trees and bearing the discreet sign for Château Lassègue. In 2003, Barbara Banke, the late Jess Jackson, and Pierre and Monique Seillan fell in love with the exceptional Château Lassègue estate. The 60 acres of vineyards at Château Lassègue are bathed in sunlight from dawn through dusk due to a remarkable south/south-west sun exposure and are protected from chilly northern winds. This combination, according to Seillan, encourages the best possible physiological maturity in the fruit in every vintage. Natural virtues – perennially sun-drenched land, rich and diverse soils, exposure to coastal breezes - serendipitously make up an estate as complex as the wines so skillfully produced from it. A nod to the land’s sunny aspect, the Estate’s façade is adorned with two vertical sundials (“les cadrans” in French), each vibrantly painted and equipped with a three-dimensional metal axial gnomon. Still fully functional, the restored sundials serve as Château Lassègue’s iconic emblem.