Spain, Rioja/Navarra

Established 1996

Bodegas Fernández de Piérola, was born in 1996, with the aim of producing quality wines endowed with a personality that distinguishes them from the pronounced standardization that pervades a large part of Riojas wines. With this double objective, we set up a small winery, family, starting from the family vineyards located in Moreda (Rioja - Alavesa), area of ​​long winemaking tradition. This philosophy of "payment", vineyard-wine correlation, is in our opinion fundamental for the wines to maintain that strong personality and reflect the unique characteristics of where they come from. Therefore, our winery is supplied only with grapes from Moreda vineyards, distributed 50% between our own and others. They are the unique microclimatic and edifices conditions enjoyed by our vineyards (moderate rainfall, 450 l / m2, brittle terrain, most of them on slopes facing south, which allows an adequate luminosity, poor soils, clay-calcareous, scarce production, thermal jumps between the important day and night, ...) which allow our Tempranillo variety to reach optimum maturation.