Aldobrandesca "A" Rose

Italy, Tuscany



“A” represents the Antinori family’s challenge to produce a rosé wine of unquestionable quality made with the utmost care and passion that come from their love for this territory rich in charm and history and from a very old and traditional grape variety. The strong identity of Aleatico, an aromatic grape grown on soils of volcanic origin, produces a fascinating wine that is delicate and extraordinarily elegant.

“A” 2020 has a brilliant, pale coral rose color. On the nose notes of roses, typical of the Aleatico grape, merge with delicate hints of apricots, lychees and small red fruit. Its complex bouquet is completed by sensations of citrus fruit and jasmine, resulting in a surprisingly intense aromatic profile. Its fresh and sapid palate accompanies notes of fruit giving “A” extraordinary elegance.

Aldobrandesca "A" Rose is available for purchase in increments of 6
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Case format: 6

Appellation: 0

Regulated designation: 0

Length of aging: 0

Bottle Size: 750ml

Closure type: Cork

Style: Extra-dry

Body: Rose Wines

Region: Italy, Tuscany

Colour: Rose

Vintage: 2020

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