An Introduction

You love wine. And so do we. Our nose for the finest has inspired us to seek out the best wines the world has to offer and make them available online. Our wine portfolio is vast, expertly curated and caters to all tastes: connoisseurs, and collectors, as well as those who want to toss the plonk, refine their palette, and start to discover the best in Old and New World wines.

About Halpern Wine

You can tell a wine by its vintage, appellation, vineyard, grape, or status… But what about a wine importer? First – our provenance. A Toronto-based wine agency 60 years in the making, the Halpern family have a long proud tradition of importing the finest – and most coveted – wines from the Old and New World. We live, breath and sniff wine, because apart from being yummy and a marvelous ice-breaker, wine is its own culture – one that is fun to learn, and a pleasure to discover… That’s why we are making our excellent and extensive portfolio of fine (and often hard to find) wines more easily available by bringing it online. Aficionado, discerning collector, or keen to learn newbie, gives you the opportunity to curate your own cellar, educate your palate, invest in a particular vintage, or simply savour some of the world’s most exclusive wines.

Our History

Halpern Wine came into being inspired by a passion for something hard to find in mid-50’s Ontario – fine wines. Frustrated by available offerings, Harold Halpern, pharmacist, drug store owner and self-acknowledged oenophile, began importing fine wine – initially as a personal indulgence – and then as a sideline that, owing to his art in finding darn good wines, soon took off. In 1976 Harold closed the drugstore and opened its door to Halpern Wine. The premise: to source the very best wine the world had to offer and bring it home to Ontario’s wine lovers. When in 1980, Harold stepped down, his son, Todd, stepped up. A natural when it came to forging relationships with the some of the world’s iconic wineries, Halpern Wine soon found itself with a growing portfolio of the world’s most iconic wines. Todd and Colin Halpern continue their father’s quest to quench a passion for wine – not just for themselves, but for all Ontario wine enthusiasts wishing to indulge their love with a bottle of the world’s finest.